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With this system you can manage both your personal finances and your company separately, in a single software. You can even manage multiple companies! No matter what the size of your business. Entersoft OuroCash ™ has everything you need: Control of expenses and revenues, accounts payable, accounts receivable, banks, checks, credit cards, and much more. All postings on the system will be used to automatically mount your CASH BOOK and your CASH FLOW. - Organize your accounts payable and accounts receivable - Control of expenses and revenues - Manage your bank accounts, savings and investments - View and print balances and statements from your accounts - Manage all checks issued and received - Record transfers between accounts - Store customer and supplier records - Register purchases and sales with credit cards - Print promissory notes and receipts - Organize everything in your own chart of accounts structure - Follow the graphs based on your financial movements - Creation and automatic updating of the Cash Book and Cash Flow - Multi-user and multi-enterprise. You can use it in your network. Much better than a spreadsheet, with OuroCash  is much easier. You have control of everything, without complications! Video #1 - Learn how to save your money organizing your finances (FAST and EASY) with Entersoft OuroCash Take the opportunity Entersoft OuroCash ™ is available for free trial for a limited time! Much better than a simple spreadsheet, with OuroCash  is much easier. You have control of everything, without complications!
Download, install Entersoft OuroCash, and try it free without commitment. In the initial screen of the system you will find the option to acquire your license, and their respective values. By clicking the "Buy License" button you will receive an email with payment instructions. You will receive the code to activate your use license as soon as your payment is detected. Entersoft OuroCash  stores your financial information on your own computer. This guarantees you much more security, since you will only have access to your data if you have access to your computer. In cloud computing (where your data goes online), you would have to blindly trust that your information would be safe... but if even the largest government bodies in the world suffer cyber attacks, how could their data be 100% secure? It's better that your information gets stored with you, is not it? Nobody better than you to take care of what is yours. In addition, if you have multiple computers connected on the same internal network, the system can be used on the network after licensing. To configure networking, simply follow the instructions in this link: www.entersofti.com/en/ourocash/network You can create LOGIN and PASSWORD for each user on the network, and configure which resources each user can access. Check the values and forms of licensing on the system home screen. Download and install now Video #2 - Learn how to manage your finances and your cash flow with Entersoft OuroCash
Video #3 - How to set up your logo, bank list, and bank acccounts on Entersoft OuroCash
https://youtu.be/z9HE5Z9XeNY https://youtu.be/xrTEvewfpGo https://youtu.be/6ehDpHvWJ6I “... Blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.” - Psalms 144:15 Welcome to Follow us on your social networks: Video #4 - How to register your credit cards and the card banners with Entersoft OuroCash
https://youtu.be/6eizfJK0diU Video #5 - How to create your chart of accounts structure with Entersoft OuroCash
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