Copyright © Entersoft International - Analysis and Systems Development - All rights reserved -   Entersoft - Analysis and Systems Development “... Blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.” - Psalms 144:15 Welcome to Entersoft © Agenda A software for those who need to organize their day-to-day. Download and TRY it for FREE!
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You can TRY before you buy! Follow us on your social networks: 1) Download software and TRY FOR FREE, without commitment. 2) The values and forms of licensing are displayed on the system home screen. 3) To purchase, fill out the registration card on the start screen, 4) Select the desired license option, and click the "Buy License" button. 5) We will contact you via e-mail with payment instructions and the license activation process. 6) If you have any questions, just contact us at the address below: Please be aware that some providers may identify our response messages as spam. If you are not receiving our emails, be sure to check your SPAM, or JUNK-MAIL or QUARANTINE folders. Much more than a simple agenda, with Entersoft Agenda you organize your appointments efficiently and without complications. This application is ideal for all types of professionals, especially those who provide personalized and scheduled services: Entersoft Agenda  can be downloaded and tested freely! Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing Salons, Doctors' Office, Dentistry Clinics, Psychologists, Lawyers, Secretaries, Consulting, Sales Representatives, Trustees, Driving Schools, Building Maintenance Companies, etc... The evaluation period does not expire! This means that you can try the software for free for as long as you want. With Entersoft Agenda  you can manage the tasks of multiple professionals in a single application, from any computer connected to the internet (Professional license required). You can set colors to highlight important appointments, schedule automatic reminders, print the list of tasks for the day or a certain period, and more... Do you work with previously scheduled appointments? This is the solution you need! You can scale appointments for every half hour, and for every day of the week. You can register and manage as many agendas as you wish Directional keys left/right move calendar days Directional keys up/down moves the calendar time. Organizing your contact list is much easier with Entersoft Agenda Stop jotting down information about your customers by hand... Now you can organize the registration about all your contacts in a professional way! Finding contacts on the system is much faster, even more than locating through your smartphone, not to mention that the registration is much more complete! You can also print the contact's "Registration Card" Essential for liberal professionals, great for work teams In this module you can organize your entire contact list and add complete information about each contact Ideal para você registrar aquelas tarefas que não possuem uma hora exata para serem realizadas. Recording recurring appointments is very easy and fast with Entersoft Agenda Both companies and individuals have commitments that are repeated periodically, whether they are specific tasks or are accounts payable on certain days. With Entersoft Agenda you can organize these appointments with just a few clicks... Just choose the date range, the appointment description, a highlight color, and click the "Save" button. You can also manage your tasks with Entersoft Agenda There are cases where you have a task to do, but it would not be good to add it to a particular day or time in your agenda because it is not a scheduled appointment. Entersoft Agenda has a module specifically for these tasks, where you can add them, and inform an expected start and finish date of the task. When performing your tasks, you can mark in the system which have already been completed and see which ones are still pending. For ease of viewing, the system also lets you filter which tasks should be displayed in the grid, and print your task list whenever you want. click to expand click to expand click to expand If desired, you can also print the complete list of all registered contacts. click to expand Finding contacts on the system is much faster, even more than locating through your smartphone.