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“... Blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.” - Psalms 144:15 Welcome to Follow us on your social networks: Full software to meet machine shops, auto-electrical, bodywork repair and painting, sound installers, alarms and accessories, and other companies in the sector. Organize your business is much easier with the new Entersoft COF . With the new appointment book, you can manage all business tasks, organizing which customers will be serviced on which days, and quickly view available times to receive new customers. The new inventory control records the output of the items automatically, based directly on the authorized service orders. The system is multi-user and can be used for networking with other PCs, with controlled access password, so that each user can access only the features that you pre-authorize. - Control expenses and revenues, accounts payable and accounts receivable, bank accounts, balances, statements, checks, buying and selling on credit cards Integrated Financial Control - Create complete budgets in a few seconds - Automatic totalization of prices and labor - Document printing on letterhead paper - Facility to send documents by e-mail - Exporting documents in PDF - Determination of commissions on parts and services Budgets and Service Orders Automatic control of the Day Commitments - Displays scheduled tasks, accounts payable and receivable in the day,   and outstanding checks   - Allows you to schedule new tasks, delete them, postpone them, transfer them   to other employees, create new calendars, printed out and more... Top Reports
Permite gerenciar todas as tarefas de sua empresa e de seus funcionários, individualmente. ● Budgets and Service Orders »   Manage professionally their budgets and service orders. »   Create new budget is easier than you can imagine. »   For customers already registered, simply inform the license plate. »   For new customers, the system saves the information automatically. »   Set up a budget with the parts and service needed. »   Print everything professionally, on letterhead. »   Send your budgets in PDF via email to your customers. »   Finish the Service Orders defining forms of payment. »   Based on the completed service orders will be cleared      commissions for professionals. ● Purchase and Inventory Management »  Purchase orders are the key pieces to manage well your stock. »  With Entersoft COF  you can track your stock in real time. »  Create your shopping lists manually or automatically based in service     orders in progress in the workshop. »  Automatic lists are created containing all the missing items in stock,     which are required to complete ongoing services. »  Send your shopping lists via email in PDF for suppliers. »  When making purchases, simply convert the lists in "Held Shopping". »  Manage payment methods combined with suppliers. »  Print reports of "Stock Balance" and "Conference Sheets". Manage your professional way service orders in a few seconds ● Create your own Checklists »  It is very important to check the condition of the vehicles to receive them. »  Nothing better than fill a good checklist in customer presence. »  With Entersoft COF  you can create multiple models of this document. »  When creating a new service order, select the desired template and print. »  This ensures more security for your business and demonstrates     organization the eyes of customers. Create your own checklist templates for print them during entry of the vehicles in the workshop. Mount your shopping lists and send them directly to the suppliers, in PDF via email Besides the main information about the item, you can configure the cost, profit, commission and sales prices. ● Sale Price Formation »  Set up the system with information about your billing.   »  From this information, the system provides you with suggestions for     selling prices, maximizing your profitability without compromising     the competitiveness of their business.   »  Register the products and services sold by your company. »  The price suggestions take into account the cost prices, desired net profit,     embedded tax rates, operating costs, fees charged by card administrators,     commissions, etc ...   »  When entering the services provided by your company, the system     calculates the cost of your labor automatically, you simply inform the     time required to execute the service, the amount of professionals     involved, and expenses arising from the performance of service. »  The system allows you to manage up to three price lists individually,      where you can stipulate, for example, prices for payment in cash,      installments up to 6x, 12x, etc ... You can set up your way!   »  The system automatically recalculates the prices in case of changes     on company revenues, saving much of their work.   »  Rounding sales prices is simple and fast.   »  You can print your price lists at any time. Locate any item quickly and easily. ● Full Financial Control »  Total management and absolute of all your bank accounts. »  The system has specific modules to manage your expenses, revenues,     accounts payable, accounts receivable, issued and received checks,     cash book, daily income, bank transfers between accounts,     prepayment of receivables, and many others ... »  Inserting the receipt of values on credit or debit cards, the system     automatically records the rebate of the fees charged by card     administrators. »  The Entersoft COF  also manages the invoices of credit cards of     particular use of the company, based on reported expenses. »  You do not need to register these bills because they are created and     updated automatically by the system, while typing expenditure on     the cards, making it easy to invoice the conference before making     the payment. »  With all the resources that the Entersoft COF  has, is much easier     to monitor the financial health of your company, consulting balances     and statements of your financial transactions, including the projection     of its cash flow.. »  The system also has features to determine profits and commissions,     and graphically presents a comparative "Expenses versus Income". In this module containing all the income of the day, the values for the supplies and cash withdrawals. All modules required to configure the system are here. Here you find specific modules to control your expenses, income, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and much more... Each employee can only access the modules you authorize ● Password with Access Control »  By licensing system for the first time, you will receive a login and     password that ensures unrestricted access to system modules.   »  With this "Master User", you can create new "Logins and Passwords"     for each employee in your company, and configure modules which     each employee can use.   »  Each user will only have access to modules that you authorize.   »  This way you can deploy the system in all sectors of your business,     without worrying about unauthorized access. ● Customer Register and Vehicles »  In this module you can register all its customers and vehicles of each client. »  It is also in this module you can change any information about a client. »  When selecting a client, you see a list of all the vehicles of this owner. »  When selecting a specific vehicle, the system displays all services     performed on this vehicle. In this module you can manage all the information of its clients, and vehicles of each client. ● Receipts and Promissory Notes »  With Entersoft COF  is much faster issue receipts and promissory notes.   »  To select the desired document, simply enter information such as date,     document value, payer, and then just print.   »  In case of installment payments for notes, you can create multiple     plots at one time.   »  You can import information such as name, address, identification     documents, directly from the customer base without having to     reenter information. Create your own receipts in seconds with Entersoft © COF™ Issue your promissory notes with a few clicks ● Various Types of Reports »  Schedule of Day / Schedule of period »  Stock balance »  Check issued in the period / Check received in the period »  Accounts payable in the period / Accounts paid in the period »  Accounts receivable in the period / accounts received in the period »  Graphical statement of revenues versus expenses »  Statement of profits in the period »  Statement of commissions in the period »  Statement of cash flow »  Expenses in the period / Revenues in the period. »  Statement of bank accounts in the period »  Transfers between accounts in the period »  Statement of bills of credit cards »  Statement for closing the drawer daily cash »  Cash book printing »  List of order services with pending payment »  Worksheet for stock Conference »  Chart of Accounts »  Price List Download Now and Evaluate Free! - Inventory control, pricing and purchase orders - Registration of suppliers, employees, customers and vehicles per customer - Registration of customized checklists for each type of vehicle - Module for issuing receipts and promissory notes - Expenses or revenues in the period - Accounts payable or receivable in the period - Invoice expenses on a credit card - Balances and statements of bank accounts - Inventory stock and other documents - Services per customer in the period - Services per vehicle in the period - Determination of profits in the period - Daily movement cash (Cash Book) - Statements of revenue vs expenses All your workshop needs Allows you to manage all tasks of your company and its employees individually. Available only in Portuguese Translation in progress Entersoft © COF  - System for Mechanical Workshops and Service Providers in the Automotive Industry