Copyright © Entersoft International - Analysis and Systems Development - All rights reserved -   Entersoft - Analysis and Systems Development We have an opportunity for you to increase your income, working how, when, and wherever you want. We are dedicated to building applications that greatly facilitate the day-to-day lives of micro and small business owners, and the spreading of these applications may be a good deal for everyone, including you! You can build your own customer base by publicizing our applications in your city or region, or act through your social networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or the way that suits you best. The proposal is as follows: We offer a discount of 30% (thirty percent) for those interested in acquiring batch of licenses, containing at least 10 (ten) activation keys, chosen at their discretion. By purchasing this batch of licenses, you will receive by email the list of properly valid activation keys, and you can offer them and resell them directly to your customers. When reselling a license, you will definitely be transferring the "Activation Key" to the "Buyer". Each activation key can only be used once. That is, if “Key No. 1” has already been activated by “Customer A”, this key can not be reused or resold to third parties, since it is already a key used. When a key is used to activate a license, Entersoft must be communicated. All use licenses has an expiration date, and this term begins counting when your customer activates the license. You can captivate the friendship and maintain a constant relationship with your client, so that he always comes to acquire the license renewals directly with you, becoming a loyal customer. Can you imagine how much opportunity this partnership opens for you? You can greatly increase your source of income!   You can reach new customers every day, and if you offer a good interaction with your target audience, and a good service, you will reap something even more valuable, called: RECURRENCE! When the time comes for your customer to renew the use license, it's exactly you that he’ll look for!   And if there are questions that you do not know how to solve, we are here to help. How to take advantage of this opportunity? When presenting our applications, dedicate yourself to creating a bond of friendship between you and your future client. Be willing to clarify doubts and to understand what his real need is, and how the application can help him with those needs. Remember that good customer service will favor you and create the right business environment. On the home screen of our applications, the client will find a screen with the forms of licensing and the values of each license, along with a button that allows to purchase the license directly with Entersoft, without intermediaries. There is also an option to activate licenses through the activation keys that you will provide. If you offer the license a little cheaper than the value displayed on the system, he doesn't have why to pay more by acquiring the license directly with us... It is worth mentioning that for you, the license price in the lot will cost 30% (thirty percent) less. If you offer 2% to 5% discount to the customer, that's something. But this is just a suggestion! The final decision on rebates is yours. The first step is to get to know your work tools. At the moment we are offering four applications: Entersoft© FeastDay™ - System for event and parties organizers Entersoft© OuroCash™ - System for financial control Entersoft© COF™ - Mechanical workshops and similar in the automotive branch Entersoft© Agenda™ - Scheduling appointments and managing contacts And many others will come soon... By analyzing the needs of your customers, you can also send us your suggestions for development. What do you need to do? 1. Download the installer for each software and try to get to know them in detail, so you know the potential that each application can offer its future customers. 2. If you make in-person visits, it's also interesting to have a pen-drive or DVD with these installers... 3. Try to identify the target audience for each software in your city or region. 4. Make a list of possible "future" customers and schedule your visit or a way to contact them. 5. When making a visit in person, install a copy of the application so that the client can evaluate it for free for a few days, without commitment. This is important! Remember to leave your card, so he can make a direct contact with you. 6. Get ready to help him if he has questions. And if necessary, encourage the customer to contact our technical support whenever they need it. This way you do not have to commit yourself to clarifying deeper doubts. Leave it to us... TECHNICAL SUPPORT is FREE for all, via e-mail. 7. Schedule a new visit for a few days. It is very likely that your potential customer wants to ask more questions before buying. If the software meet the needs, and you provide a good service, the customer in addition to acquiring the use license, always keep contact with you for future renewals. What to do to close deal with the customer? If you want to grab this opportunity: It does not matter which country you are in. You can be an enterprising partner, and publicize our applications in your country or region. To acquire your batch of licenses or to clarify doubts, just contact us by the email below: “... Blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.” - Psalms 144:15 Welcome to Follow us on your social networks: Make the most of your networks of contacts! If you have a YouTube channel, followers on Twitter, or are part of WhatsApp groups, or have your own Blog, so make the most of every advertising space you have. Create your own disclosures and share them with all your contacts! Encourage each of them to comment and also to share with the other contacts. You can also do “reviews” of our applications, demonstrating how to use it in a real work environment... That's right, this is a great way on how to make money on YouTube, not by monetization of videos (which yields only crumbs), but by direct sales you can perform! Anyway, there are countless ways you can gain visibility and reach your goal $$$. 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