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“... Blessed is the people whose God is the LORD.” - Psalms 144:15 Welcome to Follow us on your social networks: Complete system for companies working with the organization of events, children's parties, buffets, weddings, etc. With the FeastDay ™ is much easier to organize your schedule of events, control reserves items, send budgets, supply contracts, manage your accounts payable and receivable, and more.
The video below is a short presentation of Entersoft © FeastDay ™. Here you can also view the events held history and the financial situation of the client. ● Customer Register and Suppliers »   Forms for registration of children and dependents »   History of the events held by client »   Control of the financial statement of each client »   Address Location on the map »   Tracing route on the map »   Customer report with outstanding debts »   Birthdays report of the month ● Price Lists Management   »   Register your products, services, festive themes and types of events      that your company performs. »   You can define which products are supplied under-booking »   Enjoy registering all the details of each item »   Print anytime your list of sales prices,price cost, best-selling products      of relationship or rented more »   Enjoy to create" Events Packages ", as they facilitate the creation of      budgets and scheduling events. All their products and services organized in one place. ● Events Schedule   »  This is the part of the system where you can organize the daily life of your business. Whenever a client hire their services, you will add a record in the"Events Calendar"  module, informing the customer data, event type hired, date and time, event location, list of contracted items and services, values, payment conditions, and all things that pertain to the event. »  At any time you have at your disposal the scheduled events relation for the period that you specify, and the system also warns you periodically about upcoming events. »  When adding items under-booking for an event, the system checks whether the desired quantity is available in informed days, sending a down alert if necessary. »  To define the modalities for payment of the event, the system records the amounts received in the control of revenue, and the outstanding amounts in respect of the accounts receivable. The fees for receipts cards are deducted automatically. »  The system automatically generates a contract formalizing the schedule of the event. You can set the contract terms at its discretion, including creating several different types of contracts, for different types of events. In this part you can schedule the events to be held by your company. You can add all the items that will be part of the event, their quantities and values. In this section, you can set the payment methods of the event, recording the amounts received and receivable. »  The Entersoft FeastDay ™ also has two modules dedicated to the control of your finances, where you can register your bills paid, payable, received and receivable. »  In this module you can also print the relations of the last bills paid or payable in the period, and received accounts or to receive in the period. ● Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable With Entersoft © FeastDay™ you can register your bills paid, payable, received and receivable. ● Budgets Print on Letterhead   »   Create and print their own budgets, in custom letterhead, storing all       information relating to the events in a few seconds »   Just insert the items that the system totals the budget »   Or, add event packages instead of individual items »   The system budgets are already generated PDF automatically,      facilitating the sending by email. With Entersoft © FeastDay™ is much easier to generate and print budgets. Just add the items and print. »  From the recorded financial information, the system will automatically create your ledger, containing the date of movement, previous balance, historical, value, and current balance.  »  At the end of the document, there is the aggregation of inputs and outputs, and the final balance of the period. ● Automatic Update of his Cash Book All financial information is concentrated automatically creating your Cash Book. »  While the events are being scheduled in the system, you will have at your disposal a report which will point the total of profits made. ● Profits Calculation in the Period Based on the scheduled events and negotiated values, the system performs its profit calculation in the period. ● Check out the key features
We have created a complete manual on video for you to understand all the details of Entersoft FeastDay ™. Take a few minutes to watch the video, and if you have questions, feel free to contact our technical support.. ● Watch the video and understand how the system works Available only in Portuguese Translation in progress Entersoft © FeastDay System for Party Organizers, Events and Buffets